Friday, September 5, 2008

Random Sketch

Here's fairly quick watercolor sketch that was done as a commission a few years ago.  It's a portrait of the writer, Aldous Huxley.  Huxley wrote the classic novel Brave New World among other works.



Craig Zablo said...

That is really nice!

Brian B said...

He was also known as Darwin's bulldog. I think.

Nice work though.

Brian Ashmore said...

You may be thinking of Thomas Huxley who was Aldous's grandfather and a big proponent of evolution.
Aldous's brother, Julian, was a biologist that also followed in his Grandfather's evolutionist footsteps. Julian studied and pushed eugenics which is a system to control human breeding to increase desirable characteristics. It has been said that Julian, along with his Elitist Shadow Government buddies took steps to actually implement eugenics into actually create an "elite" race and a greater separation of classes. Aldous, in the "know" because of his brother Julian, supposedly wrote Brave New World as a document or reflection of what the Elite and Julian wanted to accomplish in society, the world over. (How's that for conspiracy theories.) ;)

Brian B said...

Thanks for the correction. I knew it was a Huxley.

Have you seen expelled? It covers eugenics in Germany with a twist evolutionists didn't expect.

Yes I believe in conspiracies.
Satan has conspiring against our Lord is the one from which all others spin.

Brian Ashmore said...

Yes, Satan is the root. I agree.

I haven't seen Expelled, yet. It's definitely one on my "to see" list. I haven't seen many movies lately. Didn't the Nazis use eugenics as partial reasoning for their atrocities?