Monday, January 19, 2009

The Warm Glow of Nostalgia

Here's a post that's somewhat unrelated to art.  I may do some non-art posts more often.  Why?  Because I think they are fun.

I've been archiving all of my parents' old photographs and slides over the past few weeks when I've had a little spare time.  While going through slides, I discovered a batch of photos that I've never seen before.  The slides were very dark and needed some photoshop work to "pull out" the images to a viewable state.  I was blown away by what I found.  Until now, I've only had memories of this time just before my family moved away from Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1974.  

The bottom two photos show my buddies and myself goofing around in some old costumes.  I was wearing the Ben Cooper Batman costume (you other "old-timers" remember these), Pat Fauth is wearing the Superman costume, my brother Mike is wearing the clown costume.  That's Chris Eslinger tormenting the poor snake.

The photo on top is Pat and I unmasked (I'm on the left wearing the sweet white belt) with little Todd in the middle.  Good times.  Wow, I'm getting old.

...and, yes, Virginia, the grass really was that green and the sky that blue.  Everything was perfect in 1974...or maybe that's just the under exposed slides talkin.'


Brian B said...

Sweet costume!

My brothers and I wore our Batman and Superman costumes out playing in them.

I remember getting a sore on my tongue because I kept trying to stick it out at my brother.

Great pictures and man you are an incredible artist!!!!!

Brian Ashmore said...

Brian, Thanks for the kind words. It seems we have a lot in common. BTW- Your favorite book is mine, also. Ya gotta read the user's manual. :)