Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Star Wars Clone Wars Sketch Cards

Here are a handful of the sketch cards that I recently sketched for the Topps 2009 Clone Wars Widevision card set. Sketch cards are little pieces of hand-produced original art that Topps randomly inserts into the packs of photo cards. So, if you bought a pack of these, you might just get one of my cards! Now, with that being said, don't let that deter you from buying a pack or two. They are in stores now.

For better or worse, I like my images on these sketch cards to be just that...sketches. I like to see stray pencil lines and the way that the image was built up from a simple framework of lines.


Brian B said...


Yoda on the top left is my favorite.

dave said...

Brian! You nailed the Clone Wars look perfectly!

You should try pushing some of that stylization in your personal work. See where it goes?

I'll have to call you soon for our yearly chat about upcoming movies!