Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ahab Entwistle

I recently worked on a fun, small comic book project for Syrastar Productions. This was a small, eight-page story to introduce the character, Ahab Entwistle, to the world. This was produced as a teaser for more Ahab Entwistle stories (and a potential animated film) to come. Ahab Entwistle could be described as an 18th Century James Bond type of character. This short story is a prequel, of sorts, that depicts Ahab as a young teenager that endures a terrible, life-changing ordeal. However, the majority of Ahab's stories will be told in his adult years. Ahab is the creation of the late drummer for The WHO, John Entwistle.

I thought I'd share the cover and few of the pages...

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