Friday, August 1, 2008

Absolution in the News

The Billings Gazette ran an article today on my art exhibit at the Toucan Art Gallery. The article talks about the show and the book I illustrated, Batman: Absolution. Must be a slow news week...Heh, heh. The story includes an image of an oafish, potato-headed old fart that they claim is me (Yikes! Aging is not for the faint-of-heart. Seek the help of a professional before trying it at home, kids).

Check it out (if you dare):

Billings Gazette Article

They also recorded a short audio interview (listen, if you are man/woman enough):

Audio Interview

AND, last but not least, an old interview when Absolution was first released (read it if you...oh, never mind):

Older Absolution Article



Brian B said...

Hah! I got to listen to you for once.

Nice interview.

Brian Ashmore said...

Drat!! Foiled again! :)