Sunday, August 10, 2008

Topps Heroes Sketch Cards

Okay, last batch of Topps sketch cards that I'll post for awhile (did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from the 3 or 4 of you that might be checking this blog from time to time?).  These are from the Topps Heroes card set from the first season.  I had a lot of fun watching the first season of Heroes on DVD while sketching all my cards for this set.  I hadn't seen the show during it's run on TV.  So, I got to have a "Heroes-fest" while doing these.  I think I did about 75 cards total for this set.

I haven't seen the second season.  How does it compare to the first?



Craig Zablo said...

I don't watch Heroes, but the cards sure are sweet!

Brian Ashmore said...

Thanks! Heroes is a fun show. I didn't think it was the end-all that many do. I thought the first season kind of ended with a let-down. Good show, overall, tho.